The United Religions Initiative

by Lee Penn

What is the United Relgions Initiative?  Why should you be concerned about it?  What do you need to know about it? Why should all devout, God-fearing Christians oppose it?  Here are the answers. All of the following articles are by Lee Penn. If you are doing research on the URI and related topics, we invite you to search our Web site by clicking here.

A Summary: The Case Against the United Religions Initiative

The Background: The United Religions Initiative - Foundation for a World Religion

The United Religions Initiative - A Bridge Back to Gnosticism By Lee Penn and other articles from the New Oxford Review

The World View of the Interfaith Movement - in Fourteen Points

The URI, the Diocese of California, and the state church in the People's Republic of China

The Millennium Institute - Its Radical Agenda for the 1999 Parliament of World Religions

Radical reformers - advocates of population reduction

The Earth Charter - Agenda for Totalitarianism

The "global brain," the "global soul," and the United Religions Initiative

The wisdom of Bishop William Swing and other United Religions leaders

The New Age movement in the Episcopal Church

United Religions: Historical Fantasy, globalist delusion, religious relativism

1999: A Year of Growth for the United Religions Initiative (URI)

Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, and the United Religions Initiative (URI)

The United Religions Initiative - Vatican Opposition, Liberal Support

"United Religions" is not required by Christian commitment to unity

United Religions Initiative - Promoting a politically correct "Global Ethic" and population control


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