This is a list of Anglican and Eastern Orthodox supporters of the URI; since the story was written, Bishop Grew of Ohio and Bishop Ingham of New Westminster, Canada have also joined the list.

Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, and the United Religions Initiative (URI)

By Lee Penn


This story lists the publicly-identified Anglican and Eastern Orthodox supporters of the URI and its end-of-year "cease fire."

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Anglicans: some high-ranking supporters, no public opponents

Neither of the two leading Anglican primates, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the U.S. Presiding Bishop, has expressed a public opinion about the URI. There was no official action - either for or against - regarding the URI at the 1997 General Convention, the most recent national meeting of the Episcopal Church in the US. (221) No Anglican bishops in communion with Canterbury have publicly opposed the URI.

Three prominent Anglican bishops favor the URI. Bishop James Ottley, (222) who was Anglican Observer at the United Nations until March 31, 1999,(223) openly supports the URI. (In his resignation from the UN post, Bishop Ottley cited "a 'deterioration' in support from the Archbishop of Canterbury.") (224) Anglican Bishop Samir Kafity, (225) Bishop of Jerusalem, and the Nobel laureate Archbishop from South Africa, Desmond Tutu, also espouse the URI.(226) By endorsing the URI global cease-fire resolution at the 1998 Lambeth conference, 800 Anglican bishops from around the world gave tacit backing to the URI, and URI literature now proclaims this endorsement.(227)

Current and former Episcopal cathedral rectors who publicly approve of the URI include James Parks Morton, former Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and Sanford Garner, former Dean of the Episcopal National Cathedral in Washington DC.(228)

Protestants: liberal support, Evangelical absence

Many liberal Protestants are participating in and supporting the URI. No prominent Evangelicals, and no prominent black Protestants, are doing so.

Eastern Orthodox Church and the "Churches of the East": scattered support

No Eastern Orthodox bishops are currently active in the URI. In 1996, Bishop Swing received a statement of support from Shenouda III, Pope of the Coptic Church, and from a bishop of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. (229) His Beatitude Mesrob II, Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul and All Turkey, supports the URI "global cease fire" project. (230)



NOTE: Internet document citations are based on research done between September 1997 and August 1999. Web citations are accurate as of the time the Web page was printed, but some documents may have been moved to a different Web site since then, or they may have been removed entirely from the Web.

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